The VasoMedical AdvantageTM Total Product Offering

VasoMedical EECP® Therapy
You’ve heard about it, read about it, but needed to know more... Now, all the answers are here! Introducing the VasoMedical AdvantageTM - A Total Product Offering. The VasoMedical AdvantageTM is designed to ensure the clinical and economic success of our customers’ EECP® Therapy Programs.

EECP® is not ECP
VasoMedical is the ONLY company that offers the Enhanced External Counter Pulsation technology (EECP®). We have an unparalleled history of scientific, technological, and economic support for enhanced external counterpulsation. VasoMedical's EECP® Therapy is currently available in hundreds of locations throughout the United States, as well as over 35 countries around the world. VasoMedical’s EECP® Therapy technology has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in hundreds of articles, with the majority published in peer-reviewed and major medical journals.

Four specifically designed programs to ensure your clinical and economic success:

The VasoMedical AdvantageTM is a total product offering, which includes the scientifically proven EECP® therapy systems. The VasoMedical AdvantageTM also includes four different customer support programs. These programs have been developed by VasoMedical, the market leader in external counterpulsation for over 25 years, in cooperation with our customers who have shared their experience and best practices in achieving clinical and economic success.

(1) Logistics and Technical Support Program

  • Shipping and inside delivery
  • Installation
  • One year warranty, including telephone and online support
  • Reasonably priced post warranty service contracts, including preventive maintenance inspections and accessory/supply discounts

(2) Coding, Billing and Reimbursement Support

  • VasoMedical will provide you with the most current coding and billing information compiled to bill both Medicare and private third-party insurance companies for EECP® Therapy
  • Effective samples of pre-authorization letters
  • Effective samples of appeal letters
  • Effective samples of letters of medical necessity
  • Guidance in pursuing appeals

(3) Clinical Support Program

  • 2.5 day on-site clinical training by a cardiology trained RN
    • Theory of operation
    • Patient assessment
    • Timing
    • Hands on with your patients
  • Clinical hotline by phone, fax and email to provide maximum support for:
    • Patient treatment
    • Patient identification and selection
    • Patient management

(4) Patient Recruitment and Marketing Support Programs

  • Patient Resource Manual which contains the most effective tools and information used by EECP® providers to recruit patients from within the practice, hospital and medical community.
  • Marketing materials including patient brochures and posters
  • EECP® provider locator on our website

Now that you have the information you need to make the right choice about the NON-INVASIVE EECP® Therapy, contact VasoMedical today!

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